Tuesday, July 18, 2017

We Went to Durango Last Weekend

Hi! Welcome back! Thanks for hanging in there during my absence.

Andy and I went to the mountains last weekend. We were in Durango, CO, which is about 330 miles southwest of Denver. We camped, hung out with our friends, hiked, visited breweries, and more. Here are some pictures from our trip (unedited and out of order):


Sunday, March 12, 2017

Friday Photos [3.10.17]

Here are some photos from Andy & my week:

Sunday beer.

Ella wanted to run out the front door.

Label-less beer.

Cheers to mid-week brewery visits!

Beautiful views even at stop lights in Denver.

Firehouse badges hanging on the wall at Station 26.

Morning walk at Garden of the Gods Thursday.

Out with friends at Renegade Brewing on Thursday.

Super cool truck in our neighborhood.


Friday, March 10, 2017

Last Weekend: Beer, Beer Festival, Lake Walk

Friday was supposed to be a quiet night in for Andy and me, but as Andy will tell you, when I "plan" a "quiet night in" that means that I don't make plans for us...until I do. So Andy and my "quiet night in" meant that we met my co-worker Amberlee for beers at Station 26 and ended up staying for beer shots and a crowler - my first crowler hence the "cherry poppin' "

On Saturday, Andy and I had tickets to a beer festival with our friends Sarah, Terrence, Katy, and Heather. The fest started downtown at noon, so Andy and I had brunch at the Marriott restaurant downtown beforehand and we discovered that the Marriott location used to be a bank in the early 1900s and has the old vaults in the basement!

Festgoers brought school supply donations, too. 

My gals and I got our picture in the local paper! Katy, me, Heather, Bree, Sarah.

We went to 1-UP afterwards and played games.

These are our Bernie Sanders impressions, apparently. 

Sunday morning Andy and I realized we had a beer fest miracle and had no hangovers - hooray! We had a lazy morning at home followed by lunch at the new Highland Burger location at Sloans Lake (fabulous) followed by a walk around the lake.

Hi, Denver!