Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Some Updates from March

I know, I know I've been away for a while. Excuses/reality: I was sick for a bit of March, but Andy and I still tried to enjoy and stay busy the past few weeks. We especially made the most out of what we could over the last weekend.

I went to my co-worker's house for a Friday evening social and this is the only picture I took, despite hanging for almost 12 hours, but it basically sums up the Funkwerks crew.

Devon hanging with one of the lizard/dragons.

We went out for our friend Brian's birthday Saturday night. Our friend/his girlfriend Niki threw him a weekend worth of birthday celebrations, and Andy and I met up with them at a brewery in Denver.

Beautiful cake!

 Whiskey barrel where beer is aging at the brewery - yum!

Cupcake from the birthday party that Ella thought smelled ah-mazing.

Sunday was our most productive day of the weekend with hiking plans, our friend Ashley's birthday party, and beers and games with Shelly & Kevin.

So we went up to Boulder to go hiking but actually couldn't find a trail! We found some beautiful views, though!

Shelly laughing at  probably a dirty joke someone told.


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