Thursday, February 25, 2016

Friday Photos [2.19.16]

Here are some photos from Andy & my week:

Artwork on a building in the Highlands.

Tuesday night Drag Queen BINGO!

Shelly (to the right) almost won!

Ella likes to sit on Andy's lap while he's driving.

Andy was out and Ella was just beside herself that it was just me.

I wasn't feeling awesome during the week, so I don't have a lot of photos to share.


Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Friday Photos [2.12.16]

Here are some photos from Andy & my week:

Mondays, right?

I was up at Funkwerks and grabbed some after work beers with co-workers.

We bought a kegarator! And put it together...


Shelly and I went to see "Sisters" Wednesday and laughed our asses off. 

Apparently Ella feels the same way about Thursdays as she does about Mondays.

Drinks with Christine! We <3 Stout Month at Vine Street.

Beers (for me) and games with Andy at lunch.

Kevin and I drank a delish River North beer.

I went to two yoga classes, more than I've gone to in a while! (Took this pic from here; it's the studio I practice in and the yogi is a teacher I adore.)


Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Friday Photos [2.5.16]

Here are some photos from Andy & my week:

Snowy day picture! One of us is drinking, the other is shoveling (thanks Andy <3).

And Ella watches the snow fall from afar.

Abraxas from Perennial. Yummy stout.

"Ella, pose for a picture with my beer for Snapchat it will be so good." 

Bed beer.

Hanging at Oblio's.

We were at dinner with friends and I got this Snapchat from one of them. THANKS, CREEP.


Weekend Hike

Hello! Before I bombard you with three weeks worth of Friday photos catch-up, I wanted to share with you some weekend photos of mountains, water, and 60+ degree February afternoons.

Andy and I headed up to Horsetooth Reservoir in Fort Collins, CO (about an hour and half drive north of Denver) Saturday afternoon with Shelly, Christine, and Lindsay to take in the unseasonably warm winter day. 

People ask me if I miss Minnesota and my answer is hell yea, of course I miss my family (hi mom!), friends, the 10,000 lakes, and so much more. But I love a lot about Colorado, especially these frequent yoga pants and light sweatshirt winter days.


Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Marvel Universe Live!

Andy and my friends Christine and Lindsay invited us to join them and their four year old son Christopher to the live performance of Marvel Universe Live! over the weekend. It's basically like Disney Princesses on ice but it's heroes and they're not on ice and there's fireworks, fighting, and motorcycles. It was really fun - way more fun than I expected! - and everyone there was getting into the performance. Christopher's favorite superhero is Spider-Man and he was totally out of his mind every time his guy took the stage.

Andy and I went to Target to find a little Spidey gift for Chris pre-show.

(We went for the hat vs. the mask. And Chris LOVED it.)

 Chris never ever wants to be away from Andy and it's so stinkin cute.

Totally transfixed, even at intermission.

Mommy and son.

See what I mean about Christopher and Andy? <3


Monday, February 1, 2016

Hello from February

Hello! I've been a bit absent from Love from Colorado lately - sorry about that! Andy and I did a lot in January and I thought you might enjoy seeing a round-up with some photos of our first month of 2016.

We went on a hike in Evergreen the first weekend: (You can read/see more about it here, too.)

I got my morning together early one day and made it to Colorado Springs (over an hour drive) before work started and visited the Garden of the Gods:

We drank a lot of good beers, mainly stouts (my favorite!):

Including a lot of visits to Station 26, where Andy bought a hat.

 I went to the mountains for a work trip:

Andy sends me pictures of Ella while I'm on the road.

Andy and I went out for a brunch and music date at a new (to us) restaurant in Denver:

I spent a lot of time with Ella:

She didn't want to be all tucked in, apparently, by her look of apathy.

We went to our friend Jobe's going away party and wished him good luck in LA:

We went to Marvel Universe Live! with our friends Christine, Lindsay, and Lindsay's son Chris:

Chris (kinda) let me wear his Spider-Man hat.

What a fun, full January :)