Sunday, March 12, 2017

Friday Photos [3.10.17]

Here are some photos from Andy & my week:

Sunday beer.

Ella wanted to run out the front door.

Label-less beer.

Cheers to mid-week brewery visits!

Beautiful views even at stop lights in Denver.

Firehouse badges hanging on the wall at Station 26.

Morning walk at Garden of the Gods Thursday.

Out with friends at Renegade Brewing on Thursday.

Super cool truck in our neighborhood.


Friday, March 10, 2017

Last Weekend: Beer, Beer Festival, Lake Walk

Friday was supposed to be a quiet night in for Andy and me, but as Andy will tell you, when I "plan" a "quiet night in" that means that I don't make plans for us...until I do. So Andy and my "quiet night in" meant that we met my co-worker Amberlee for beers at Station 26 and ended up staying for beer shots and a crowler - my first crowler hence the "cherry poppin' "

On Saturday, Andy and I had tickets to a beer festival with our friends Sarah, Terrence, Katy, and Heather. The fest started downtown at noon, so Andy and I had brunch at the Marriott restaurant downtown beforehand and we discovered that the Marriott location used to be a bank in the early 1900s and has the old vaults in the basement!

Festgoers brought school supply donations, too. 

My gals and I got our picture in the local paper! Katy, me, Heather, Bree, Sarah.

We went to 1-UP afterwards and played games.

These are our Bernie Sanders impressions, apparently. 

Sunday morning Andy and I realized we had a beer fest miracle and had no hangovers - hooray! We had a lazy morning at home followed by lunch at the new Highland Burger location at Sloans Lake (fabulous) followed by a walk around the lake.

Hi, Denver!


Sunday, March 5, 2017

Colorado Brewery Visits #1-5

In late January 2017, Andy and I decided to undertake the challenge of visiting every brewery in Colorado before the end of 2018. A delicious, yet daunting task given the 300+ breweries in the state. We took some time to plan out our visits and relaized we need to visit 13 breweries a month every month in order to meet our goal. Here on my blog I'll track our progress, five breweries at a time, with the label "Colorado brewery visits".

1. Upslope Brewing Company (Boulder)
  • Visited: Sunday 1/29/17
  • With: Just us
  • Notes: We were the first ones in the door minutes after the taproom opened. Our buddy Mark works there and had called ahead to ask the beertender to put our beers on his tab. My brother, sister-in-law, and nephew FaceTimed us while we were at the bar :)

2. Four Noses Brewing (Broomfield)
  • Visited: Sunday 1/29/17
  • With: Mark & Devon
  • Notes: There were Girl Scouts selling boxed of cookies on the patio like little geniuses! It was a warm, sunny day and the patio was packed.

3. Beryl's Beer Co. (Denver)
  • Visited: Monday 1/30/17
  • With: Just us
  • Notes: They are doing construction on the road they're located on, so it wasn't busy despite their fabulous barrel-aged beers. The beertender also coordinates events for the brewery and gave us a tour of their cool barrel-lined event space.

4. Station 26 Brewing (Denver)
  • Visited: Wednesday 2/1/17
  • With: Kevin, Jon, Katie, and the Elevation crew was there too
  • Notes: It was their weekly February Dark Star (barrel-aged imperial stout) release. We drank too many and had to catch a ride home oops!

5. The Barrel House at Jessup Farm (Fort Collins)
  • Visited: Satuday 2/4/17
  • With: Jon and his buddy
  • Notes: Ed was working (I used to work with Ed at Funkwerks). We went before attending Lost in the Woods at New Belgium.The beers were super yummy and Andy bought two bombers for us to enjoy at home.


Friday Photos [3.2.17]

Here are some photos from Andy & my week:

Sad dog at Station 26 on Sunday. 

Ella eats her dental cleaning bone with her butt in the air. So weird. 

A few purple flowers on the side of a hill.

Andy and I found a beautiful church on our long Monday afternoon walk. 

Andy brought me out to dinner at Work + Class on Tuesday.

And I brought him out for a beer at Strange. 

These lights are shaped like hops, which is a main ingredient in beer. 

I met my co-worker for lunch at the Cheese Importer in Longmont Thursday.

Andy and I cooked at our friend Allison's place on Thursday night.

Ella loves neck scratches.


Last Weekend: A Moderate Hike that Turned into an Epic Hike, Artopia, Sunday Funday

It's pretty nice in Denver in the winter. Mild temperature and minimal snow, especially compared to our Midwestern roots! Andy and I love that we can head out less than an hour drive from our house on a Saturday in February and go for a morning hike. We did that last weekend and discovered my new favorite hike on Mount Falcon. It was moderately difficult and with beautiful views! We accidentally added on two extra miles for failure to totally read the map, but I didn't mind! Afterwards we met our friend Katy for an impromptu beer at a brewery called Grandma's House.

There's the ruins of a mansion on the hike! So cool.

Peek-a-boo. Do you see Red Rocks in the distance?

Andy wasn't as jazzed about the extra two miles.

Saturday night I volunteered at Artopia with my friends Lauren, Amy, and Christine. It was...awful! We were scanning tickets at the doors and it was coooold and windy! Halfway through my shift I couldn't feel my fingers (which were crucial for scanning tickets) or toes! We received free admission to the event for volunteering, but we were so miserable we left which was a bummer cuz it looked so neat! But a nice warm bath and a stout were calling to me.

Set up for the fashion show. Which I missed. But it seemed cool.

On Sunday, Andy and I went to the movie "I am not your Negro" with Shelly. We grabbed a few beers afterwards to talk about the movie and the complexity in the themes it tackled. It's definitely a movie I recommend you see, and that you see it with someone you can have a good post-movie conversation with about it.