Thursday, April 30, 2015

Well, That was a Fun Weekend!

I started my weekend in Vail, CO where I had been most of the week for work. I was out there helping with a state-wide high school business competition that went until Saturday afternoon. I brought myself out to Vail Village to enjoy a nice dinner on my last evening in Vail.

Vail Village is quite quiet the first weekend after the slopes close.

The window displays for this art gallery in Vail caught my attention.

It was closed at the time, otherwise I definitely would have gone in.

Delicious end of the day cocktail.

Moon over the Four Seasons in Vail.

Even though I was exhausted after the busy work week, two hour drive home, and ok ok maybe one too many glasses of wine Friday night, I really wanted to get the most out of the remaining weekend days. Andy and I went to a new brewery, Spangalang, that one of the former brewers at Great Divide just opened. We'd heard good things about the beer and brewery from our friends that had gone, and we definitely agreed and will be return customers! Afterwards, we had a bomber and bonfire night with Shelly and Kevin.

"Uhm...we'll have one of everything, please." 

Spoiled Rhett!

Andy found an NPR listening party in town as part of the Denver Music Summit. Bob Boilen and Stephen Thompson were in Denver from NPR and hosted the event where we'd listen to one minute clips of songs, both brand new and old, and the audience would hold up one numbered card from 1-10 giving our personal rating of the song. The songs were chosen by the panelists - Thao Nguyen from Thao and the Get Down Stay Down, Xavier Dphrepaulezz from Fantastic Negrito, and Jessi Whitten from CPR Open Air - and they would discuss with the audience their view on the music. Audience members had the opportunity (or sometimes were given the opportunity if they rated a song a 3 and everyone else gave it a 10) to discuss why they rated the music the way they did. It was really fun, casual, and respectful! Oh, and! There was live music by Strawberry Runners and Fantastic Negrito. What an awesome Sunday!

Celebrity hosts Stephen and Bob.

I loved how Bob was snapping photos (bottom left) of Strawberry Runners's performance.

What a great and jam-packed weekend, just the way I like it :o)


Sunday, April 26, 2015

Friday Photos [4.24.15]

Here are some photos from Andy & my week:

We went to the Jose Gonzales show on Monday night <3

Ella reacting to a video of baby seal pups squeaking. She was so confused!

Hot air balloon ride Tuesday morning. Someone was having a lovely start to their day :o) 

I stopped off at Crazy Mountain Brewery in Edwards after my high school visits on Wednesday.

My Wednesday night balcony view at the Marriott in Vail.

Thursday morning breakfast.

The lobby at the Four Seasons in Vail.

The Four Seasons in Vail is so fancy that I had an espresso machine in my room.

Andy sends me pictures of Ella when I'm on the road traveling <3 <3


Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Beers, Dogs, and Friends

Beers, dogs, and friends. That's what I filled my weekend with. And those three things combined make for a pretty rockin weekend.

Friday was a beer and games night with Shelly & Kevin. The four of us enjoyed happy hour at Wonderland Brewing in Denver, followed by Cards Against Humanity and beer bombers at home.

Me and my Funkwerks Belgian Stout bomber which took Kevin and I no time to enjoy.

Ella was helping me, though mainly was disinterested in being held or playing the game together.  

It was a really close game. I won, gloated, and some people couldn't deal.  

Now enter the portion of Friday night where Ella and Rhett were begging. This went on for...hours. Prompted mainly by Breanna feeding the dogs from the table (I KNOW I am such a sucker). 


Saturday was the Denver Flea Market, an opportunity to connect local artisans with buyers. It's such a neat event and we always find things we want to buy and sometimes, after a couple beers, we buy beautiful things we can't afford. It was a really fantastic day with some of our dear Denver friends.

Our buddy, Justin, interviewing one of the artisans between two fleas.

Flea loves ties from Knotty.

And Andy loves beer from New Belgium.

Sunday we went out with friends in Denver for some drinks and to recharge for the work week.

Daniel thought some henna-inspired art on my hand would be nice.

Black socks and rolled up jeans. My man.

This was the first weekend in a while that I didn't have a lot of work to do, or work events to attend throughout the weekend. I've been doing so much weekend work that it felt a bit like cheating to have the days off! I hope you were able to steal a few memorable weekend moments for yourself, too!