Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday Photos [5.30.14]

Here are some photos from Andy & my week:

The lovely bride with her personal attendants the day before the wedding.

Yea, the view at the ceremony was pretty great :o)

Jen Jackl, a college friend, brought everyone (especially the mother of the groom!) to tears with her amazing voice.

Cupcakes and cakes! All made by Michelle and Viktoriya, friends of Jen's in Boulder. I heard they were the most delicious wedding treats.

I think this is the only photo of us together from the wedding!

New friends chatting on the patio at the reception.

Kara and Chris, having a good time?

I got some K2 time in back in Denver following the wedding :o)

Playing cribbage with my gal, Kara, in town from Wisconsin!

I tried to show Kara Red Rocks, but the amphitheater was closed so they could prep for the One Direction concert that night. 

Sorry for the total abandonment this week. It's not you, it's me. Andy and I had a busy week, in a great way, with friends in town for Jenny and Mike's wedding and our lives are still in total shambles! I'll give an update soon on the beautiful and happy wedding, and on my wonderful 30th birthday celebration, but until then, Andy and I are going to enjoy a quiet and low-key weekend (which I have already filled with a dinner date, hiking and beers, and a festival - oops!).


Saturday, May 24, 2014

Friday Photos [5.23.14]

Here are some photos from Andy & my week:

Andy's new cribbage board. It was made out of drift wood from Oregon.

Our Amazon Woman, Ella, hiding in the spider plant.

With a busy weekend ahead, Andy and I celebrated my birthday together Tuesday night. He even got me flowers :o)

Tuesday night birthday gifts. My new lion gift bag, which Andy informed me was intended for children.

Does Andy know me or what? One of my gifts, wrapped in a 'Titanic' poster!

Sweet little free library on the streets in Park Hill.

Dylan & Erin in town! We went to a Rockies game, and were totally rained out! Spring in Colorado can be wacky.

Erin and Andy enjoying beers and conversation at Epic brewery on Thursday.

Playing a coaster throwing game at Station 26 brewery.

Friday birthday brewery tour at Vine Street! We've been drinking a lot of beers with E&D :o)

I hope you all forgive me for posting my Friday Photos on Saturday. We've had a wonderfully busy week and weekend with friends in town, my birthday, and preparing for our friends Jenny & Mike's wedding! Have a great long Memorial Day weekend!


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Andy's Birthday Weekend!

The weekend was filled with festivities celebrating Andy's birthday! He's usually not one big on attention (I bought him an embarrassing and gaudy plastic birthday necklace which he REFUSED to wear in public!) so an afternoon at home with our Colorado friends was the perfect birthday celebration for him.

Friday I spent much of the night prepping for the party (getting the beans ready for tacos, making cupcakes, picking-up the house). It took so much longer than I expected! Andy helped out by making a grocery store run while I was able to do some sneaky things like wrap his gifts. Do you know how hard it is to surprise your boyfriend on his birthday when you live together and BOTH work from home?? I ordered three things online for him and when they were delivered, who do you think was there to receive the package? Hint: It wasn't me.

Three pounds of dried beans. That should make more than enough for the party.

Saturday was the party! We invited our friends to meet us at a brewery near our house, Station 26, which is one of Andy's favorites. We enjoyed a couple beers on the patio with some of our wonderful pals before biking home. More people showed up at our place and we had a great time catching-up with friends we hadn't seen in a while (including one six months pregnant who we didn't even know was expecting!) and connecting some of the good people in our lives (including two people both from Idaho with mutual friends!). We, of course, broke out the giant Jenga for a few games and then had a bonfire. It was a lovely night, and according to Andy, exactly what he wanted!

I think he loves his hat and necklace.

Time for this birthday boy to go to bed!

Sunday was his actual birthday, but we avoided making any plans in case he, uh, "woke up with a cold". After sleeping in for a bit, he was ready for some birthday brunch. Our friend, Joey, was in town from Minnesota visiting friends so we met them at Udi's, a place near his buddy's house. That was really the only criteria for choosing the brunch location. And it was the worst experience I've had ever. Here are a few examples: The waitress kept asking me how I wanted my eggs cooked after I reminded her multiple times that I ordered an omelet, we received no silverware with our meals and after a few minutes had to go inside to retrieve it (so did the table next to us), of course by that time my food was lukewarm at best, and when she ran our credit cards and brought the receipts she asked if we had our own pens so she didn't have to go inside to get some for us. Oh, and, the brunch took two hours and that was solely due to the lack of service. 

Unfortunately, that whole experience left the birthday boy so frustrated that he was feeling pretty apathetic (on his birthday! I know, right?!). We will not be returning there. We still wanted more time with Joey, so we headed to a bar to grab some beers before biking home for a birthday nap. For dinner we went out to eat at a burger place and had excellent service! We grabbed some ice cream before picking-up a movie and heading home to relax after a jam-packed birthday celebration weekend.

That's right. I'm judging Joey on his beer selection.

Ella helping Andy open his birthday gifts.

I bought Andy a dog balloon for his birthday party, which Ella is currently terrified of.

Thanks to everyone who sent birthday messages to Andy! It meant a lot to him to hear from all his friends and family :o)


Sunday, May 18, 2014

Happy Birthday, Andy!

Happy birthday to my sweet, goofy, fun-loving boyfriend and best bud! We've been celebrating him all weekend with beers and friends :o) 

Happy 33rd, Andy!


Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday Photos [5.16.14]

Here are some photos from Andy & my week:

Good thing we didn't pack that snow brush away for summer! This is May 12th.

Snow in Denver typically means that, despite snowing for 24 hours, the streets are clear because the pavement was still warm from the 60 degree weather.

Emmy and Paul eventually made it to our place! 

Andy & I celebrated our four year anniversary on Tuesday :o) We enjoyed a bomber of one of our favorite New Glarus beers.

My new earrings! Here we have the double-decker of my earrings from Andy: on the bottom are from our two year, and on top are the ones he got me this year.

My friend from high school, Neal, came through Denver Wednesday night. I taught Neal and Andy four person PacMan, and they immediately surpassed the teacher.

Andy, Neal, Breanna: Skeeball champs! (Ok, not really.)

Thursday I did a Culinary Shadow Day at Johnson & Wales University and joined the students in their lab for the afternoon/evening. Indian food was the topic for the day, and wow did we (I mean they) make some delicious food!

The other culinary classes in session came in to eat the delicious food prepared.

I was kinda thrown with my schedule and the week with having Emmy and Paul, and Neal, in town. In a good way, of course! Sunday is Andy's birthday (hooray!) and we're celebrating Saturday afternoon exactly the way Andy wants to: with our pals, beers, and giant Jenga!

Have a wonderful weekend! And here's one more picture for you of Andy and my post-Oblio's anniversary dinner beer at home: