Saturday, May 24, 2014

Friday Photos [5.23.14]

Here are some photos from Andy & my week:

Andy's new cribbage board. It was made out of drift wood from Oregon.

Our Amazon Woman, Ella, hiding in the spider plant.

With a busy weekend ahead, Andy and I celebrated my birthday together Tuesday night. He even got me flowers :o)

Tuesday night birthday gifts. My new lion gift bag, which Andy informed me was intended for children.

Does Andy know me or what? One of my gifts, wrapped in a 'Titanic' poster!

Sweet little free library on the streets in Park Hill.

Dylan & Erin in town! We went to a Rockies game, and were totally rained out! Spring in Colorado can be wacky.

Erin and Andy enjoying beers and conversation at Epic brewery on Thursday.

Playing a coaster throwing game at Station 26 brewery.

Friday birthday brewery tour at Vine Street! We've been drinking a lot of beers with E&D :o)

I hope you all forgive me for posting my Friday Photos on Saturday. We've had a wonderfully busy week and weekend with friends in town, my birthday, and preparing for our friends Jenny & Mike's wedding! Have a great long Memorial Day weekend!


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