Monday, May 5, 2014

A Bit Healthy and A Bit...Not...

I wasn't feeling so hot this weekend. Allergies/head cold/warn-down/etc. I decided on Friday that I probably needed to take better care of myself (drinking more water, eating more fruits and veggies, sleeping more, etc.) and dedicated the weekend to some R&R, yoga, and good home-cooking.

So that worked out really well!...For about 18 hours...

Friday night I couldn't possibly imagine doing much of anything and turned down happy hour plans. Andy and I cooked one of our favorite healthy dishes, stuffed peppers recipe care of Ryan & Shanda. I went to a peaceful evening yoga class that was mainly laying on the ground and stretching, really, moving as little as possible. I felt a bit guilty that the others in class were also looking for a peaceful end of the work week yoga class, and instead were treated to my unladylike sneezes and party of used Kleenex tissues surrounding me. Meh. I was in bed by 8:15 with my book, and asleep by 9:00. Unlike college, I was not asleep at 9:00 in order to nap for a bit before hitting the bars; I was asleep for the night!

Saturday morning I met my friend, Christine, for brunch to hear about her recent trip to Grand Cayman. She mentioned multiple times throughout breakfast that one of my favorite bars was having a Derby party at noon, and after a couple glasses of OJ, I couldn't say no! We biked over to the Bar Car for a few drinks and some good people watching (those hats!) before heading to a more low-key bar for a few more beers. As you would suspect the night to go, Andy joined for a few beverages and then the two of headed home to enjoy each others company with giant Jenga in the backyard.

The OJ made me do it!

Christine and my Derby outfits. We stood out a bit.

Biking with sunglasses fail.

Sunday I was beat. I woke up much later than I usually do and was exhausted. I hadn't taken very good care of myself on Saturday after agreeing to and starting to do so on Friday. I had to cancel on a few tentative plans, including our neighbor's house-warming party. Thankfully, Andy & Ella represented our house well at the shindig, and after catching-up on some work, I planted myself on the couch reading all afternoon, and chatting on the phone with my mom in the evening.

Maybe I didn't make it to the party, but my guacamole did. Sorry, mom, but none of it came home!

Live & learn, right? Or...just live & say you're going to learn? I'll figure this all out in my 30's ;o)


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