Sunday, February 26, 2017

Friday Photos [2.24.17]

Here are some photos from Andy & my week:

I toured the Laws Whiskey House with my friend Katy on Monday. 

They have their philosophy on the wall of the brew house.

Whiskey making vessel.

So many barrels.
Theo, my new fav liquor store employee!

The middle school in our neighborhood has a garden, and someone made a Willie Nelson scarecrow!

She stared at me like this for half an hour as I was reading in bed.

Rhett loves using my chair to look out the window for squirrels.


Last Weekend: Star Wars, Beers, and Long Overdue Catch-ups

Are you sensing a theme with my "Last Weekend" posts? That last weekend I basically always did something with beer? I mean, it's kinda like my job to drink beers since I work in the beer industry, and have to keep current with local and national beer trends. And also, I love drinking beer.

Friday night Andy and I met Lauren and Amy at Vine Street Brewery in Denver for dinner and beers. It's Vine Street's annual stout month celebration, so they have SO many stouts on tap - yay! On Saturday Andy and I went to, wait for it, Baere Brewing to try some of their special release barrel-aged brown ales and were NOT disappointed. That evenings we hosted Heather and Noah for pizza and Star Wars, annnnnd I promptly fell asleep during the movie oops. Sunday morning I met up with my friend Niki for coffee after not seeing her since it was still warm enough to have dinner on a patio. And in the evening I went to my friend Laura's fabulous yoga class and we grabbed a few glasses of wine afterwards, a lovely catch-up after not seeing her since Folks Fest 2015!!

We were dog-sitting Rhett all weekend and the dogs helped me clean the kitchen floor.

Cool car in our neighborhood...other than the smashed hood.

We ran into our friend Jeff at Station 26.

These posters from the Women's March were the wallpaper at the coffee shop Niki and I met at.


Sunday, February 19, 2017

Friday Photos [2.17.17]

Here are some photos from Andy & my week:

Family time.

My Valentine's Day balloon!!

Sushi dinner and beers.
At the Denver Museum of Nature and Science learning about coffee.

Painting with coffee.


Last Weekend: Sunny Days and Good Friends

Last weekend we had unwinter-like weather, which meant grill-outs, patio beers, and hikes. Sounds like a pretty great February weekend, huh?

Joe Gullo! In town from Brooklyn for a minute.

Sunday morning hike with Shelly and Kevin, and the brewery hopping in Rino neighborhood of Denver. Sunday Funday!



Saturday, February 11, 2017

Friday Photos [2.10.17]

Here are some photos from Andy & my week:

More costumes from the fantastic Star Wars and the Power of Costume exhibit.

Heather & Noah (and Yoda).

Andy and I went to the movie "Arrival" on Tuesday.

I went to the Rowdy Mermaid, a kombucha brewery, with Heather and Noah on Wednesday.

I went to Great Divide Brewery with Christine on Thursday.

Lounging doggies.