Sunday, February 5, 2017

Super Bowl 50, the year the Broncos won

I'm not watching the Super Bowl today. And it's exactly why you think: neither of my teams made it...and it doesn't sound like Missy Elliot will make a surprise appearance. Andy and I talked about going to the Denver Art Museum, some friends suggested we go grocery shopping (no lines!), and I will probably go to a yoga class. But, let's take a minute to live in the past, and remember the Super Bowl from last year when the Broncos won!

Andy, Shelly, and I went downtown to Wynkoop Brewery to a Super Bowl party and watched the game with dozens of Broncos fans in Denver. And the excitement! The energy! I loved it!

Union State lit up.

Police in riot gear ready for a riot, but the city was all just drunk and probably high and definitely happy and not rioting!

No Packers (my #1 team) and no Broncos (my #2 and current city team) in it this year, and I'm just not feeling the bug. But last year, last year was so fun!


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