Tuesday, May 13, 2014


For dinner Friday, Andy and I took our friends Shelly and Kevin out to a restaurant in our neighborhood as a thank you for all the times they've graciously watched Ella, especially the times where we forget to ask them until a few days before we're leaving! It was also a great time to celebrate Shelly's recent graduation from her MBA program and Kevin finishing his third year of Pharmacy school. We enjoyed many good drinks and food, including a dessert wine and ice cream flight that was almost too much deliciousness! They came back to our place for a bit after dinner so Ella could get her Kevin and Shelly time in (she gets so excited when she sees them, and vice versa!).

I love Shelly's look of being simultaneously amazed and overwhelmed at dessert!

Happiest dog in the world.

Saturday was truly a lazy day full of watching "The Office" in bed. I had a packed evening planned with my good pal from high school and college, Jenny's, bachelorette party in Boulder! We had a group of six gals and had a classy night on the town celebrating the bride-to-be. Dinner, drinks, games, and NO penises! I said it was classy, folks! We did make her wear a sash and an arm full of bangle bracelets so everyone would know it was her special day.

The ladies of Jenny's bachelorette party!

One of Jenny's favorite things: Card games.

One of Jenny's other favorite things: PacMan.

Sunday, SNOWY Sunday! We woke to a snowy Denver on Sunday, which was actually quite nice and peaceful. But unfortunately the snow meant my good friend and college roommate, Emily, and her husband Paul got snowed in up in Wyoming where they were celebrating Emmy's sister's graduation. Emmy and Paul were coming down to Denver to spend Sunday night with us before flying out Monday night. Argh. I took the unexpected time to make some crafts and cook a nice dinner with Andy. We did not go to see a movie, as I mentioned in the previous post, but did rent "The Wolf of Wall Street" from RedBox. And, of course!, call my mama to talk with her on her Mother's Day! (She had a nice day, which included an unlimited number of back massages from Meg - a usually unheard of treat!)

My crafts for my friends Emmy and Paul. A much belated wedding gift.


We call this "CEO Ella" because she looks poised to run a very important meeting.

Monster on the run! 

Talking with my mom (and dad).

My bourbon old fashioned was smiling at me.

I hope you had an excellent weekend! And, more importantly, remembered to wish your mom a Happy Mother's Day :o)


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