Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday Photos [5.16.14]

Here are some photos from Andy & my week:

Good thing we didn't pack that snow brush away for summer! This is May 12th.

Snow in Denver typically means that, despite snowing for 24 hours, the streets are clear because the pavement was still warm from the 60 degree weather.

Emmy and Paul eventually made it to our place! 

Andy & I celebrated our four year anniversary on Tuesday :o) We enjoyed a bomber of one of our favorite New Glarus beers.

My new earrings! Here we have the double-decker of my earrings from Andy: on the bottom are from our two year, and on top are the ones he got me this year.

My friend from high school, Neal, came through Denver Wednesday night. I taught Neal and Andy four person PacMan, and they immediately surpassed the teacher.

Andy, Neal, Breanna: Skeeball champs! (Ok, not really.)

Thursday I did a Culinary Shadow Day at Johnson & Wales University and joined the students in their lab for the afternoon/evening. Indian food was the topic for the day, and wow did we (I mean they) make some delicious food!

The other culinary classes in session came in to eat the delicious food prepared.

I was kinda thrown with my schedule and the week with having Emmy and Paul, and Neal, in town. In a good way, of course! Sunday is Andy's birthday (hooray!) and we're celebrating Saturday afternoon exactly the way Andy wants to: with our pals, beers, and giant Jenga!

Have a wonderful weekend! And here's one more picture for you of Andy and my post-Oblio's anniversary dinner beer at home:


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