Sunday, April 19, 2015

Friday Photos [4.17.15]

Here are some photos from Andy and my week:

Monday I felt not awesome after returning from a work trip. Ella and I, and a book, hung out for a bit.

The view from my hotel room in Grand Junction, CO this week.

Cheers to my Minnesota family from Kannah Creek Brewing in GJ, CO.

Mosaic at Fruita Monument High School in western Colorado. So beautiful.

Icy conditions may cause JAZZ HANDS.

Heelllloo Vail Pass.

Colorado driving.

My friend, Becky, created this beautiful piece and it so soooo spoke to me this week. Thank you, Becky <3

This is my buddy Carl. We met freshman year of college, and haven't talked since 2005. We met up in Denver in 2015 and had THE BEST TIME EVER. Really great friendships, yea, they don't die :o)

Andy and I stopped off at Funkwerks for Friday happy hour (some of us were happier ;o) )


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