Friday, March 10, 2017

Last Weekend: Beer, Beer Festival, Lake Walk

Friday was supposed to be a quiet night in for Andy and me, but as Andy will tell you, when I "plan" a "quiet night in" that means that I don't make plans for us...until I do. So Andy and my "quiet night in" meant that we met my co-worker Amberlee for beers at Station 26 and ended up staying for beer shots and a crowler - my first crowler hence the "cherry poppin' "

On Saturday, Andy and I had tickets to a beer festival with our friends Sarah, Terrence, Katy, and Heather. The fest started downtown at noon, so Andy and I had brunch at the Marriott restaurant downtown beforehand and we discovered that the Marriott location used to be a bank in the early 1900s and has the old vaults in the basement!

Festgoers brought school supply donations, too. 

My gals and I got our picture in the local paper! Katy, me, Heather, Bree, Sarah.

We went to 1-UP afterwards and played games.

These are our Bernie Sanders impressions, apparently. 

Sunday morning Andy and I realized we had a beer fest miracle and had no hangovers - hooray! We had a lazy morning at home followed by lunch at the new Highland Burger location at Sloans Lake (fabulous) followed by a walk around the lake.

Hi, Denver!


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