Sunday, March 5, 2017

Last Weekend: A Moderate Hike that Turned into an Epic Hike, Artopia, Sunday Funday

It's pretty nice in Denver in the winter. Mild temperature and minimal snow, especially compared to our Midwestern roots! Andy and I love that we can head out less than an hour drive from our house on a Saturday in February and go for a morning hike. We did that last weekend and discovered my new favorite hike on Mount Falcon. It was moderately difficult and with beautiful views! We accidentally added on two extra miles for failure to totally read the map, but I didn't mind! Afterwards we met our friend Katy for an impromptu beer at a brewery called Grandma's House.

There's the ruins of a mansion on the hike! So cool.

Peek-a-boo. Do you see Red Rocks in the distance?

Andy wasn't as jazzed about the extra two miles.

Saturday night I volunteered at Artopia with my friends Lauren, Amy, and Christine. It was...awful! We were scanning tickets at the doors and it was coooold and windy! Halfway through my shift I couldn't feel my fingers (which were crucial for scanning tickets) or toes! We received free admission to the event for volunteering, but we were so miserable we left which was a bummer cuz it looked so neat! But a nice warm bath and a stout were calling to me.

Set up for the fashion show. Which I missed. But it seemed cool.

On Sunday, Andy and I went to the movie "I am not your Negro" with Shelly. We grabbed a few beers afterwards to talk about the movie and the complexity in the themes it tackled. It's definitely a movie I recommend you see, and that you see it with someone you can have a good post-movie conversation with about it.


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