Monday, February 1, 2016

Hello from February

Hello! I've been a bit absent from Love from Colorado lately - sorry about that! Andy and I did a lot in January and I thought you might enjoy seeing a round-up with some photos of our first month of 2016.

We went on a hike in Evergreen the first weekend: (You can read/see more about it here, too.)

I got my morning together early one day and made it to Colorado Springs (over an hour drive) before work started and visited the Garden of the Gods:

We drank a lot of good beers, mainly stouts (my favorite!):

Including a lot of visits to Station 26, where Andy bought a hat.

 I went to the mountains for a work trip:

Andy sends me pictures of Ella while I'm on the road.

Andy and I went out for a brunch and music date at a new (to us) restaurant in Denver:

I spent a lot of time with Ella:

She didn't want to be all tucked in, apparently, by her look of apathy.

We went to our friend Jobe's going away party and wished him good luck in LA:

We went to Marvel Universe Live! with our friends Christine, Lindsay, and Lindsay's son Chris:

Chris (kinda) let me wear his Spider-Man hat.

What a fun, full January :)


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