Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Marvel Universe Live!

Andy and my friends Christine and Lindsay invited us to join them and their four year old son Christopher to the live performance of Marvel Universe Live! over the weekend. It's basically like Disney Princesses on ice but it's heroes and they're not on ice and there's fireworks, fighting, and motorcycles. It was really fun - way more fun than I expected! - and everyone there was getting into the performance. Christopher's favorite superhero is Spider-Man and he was totally out of his mind every time his guy took the stage.

Andy and I went to Target to find a little Spidey gift for Chris pre-show.

(We went for the hat vs. the mask. And Chris LOVED it.)

 Chris never ever wants to be away from Andy and it's so stinkin cute.

Totally transfixed, even at intermission.

Mommy and son.

See what I mean about Christopher and Andy? <3


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