Wednesday, August 5, 2015

We're on Vacation! Pt. 3: Venice Beach, LA, Paso Robles, and the PCH

I'm writing this post Tuesday morning from the garden of our vacation rental in San Francisco, and I find it rather hard to believe how much life Andy and I have fit in to every day of our vacation! I'm reflecting back right now on the past weekend and am asking myself "were we really only at Venice Beach on Friday? That seems like it was so long ago!" But it wasn't; it was just days ago, and we have done and seen so much in the time that has passed. That's a good vacation, I'd say, and I feel like Andy and I are totally nailing this relaxing vacation thing.

Here's what we did last weekend, in a nutshell:

Laid out on Venice beach Friday morning/afternoon.

We got so sun-burned. And yea we put on sunscreen but it really didn't help our pale bodies.

I bought a beach hat, and wore it to the beach.

Lunch at the Ale House right down by the beach.

We had a snack and fancy cocktails on the equally fancy Abbot-Kinney Avenue in Venice Friday night.


On the Firestone Walker brewery tour.

Firestone Walker barrel ferments their DBA beer.

This is an upward slide for the beers! They send cases up this to be put on pallets and distributed.

The Pacific Coast Highway (PCH)!

So beautiful.

We stopped off the PCH for a snack and this was our view from the restaurant. Yea, total tourist favorite for obvious reasons.

Bixby Bridge!!

Yea, we're naturals at vacationing ;o)


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