Wednesday, August 12, 2015

We're on Vacation! Pt. 5: Sonoma. Lake Tahoe, Salt Lake, and Denver (getting home)

Ok, so here's the last of our California vacation posts :o( Our last weekend of our two week trip out west, and our Sunday evening return to Denver and reunion with our Ella Monster.

One of the views from our table at Friday morning breakfast at Fremont Diner in Sonoma.

Andy took this from the window of our car as we were driving into Tahoe.

"Ok, ok, I'll set-up camp but first I need a beer."

Tahoe campsite. 

Friday night sunset at the campsite. 

No joke, we cooked Morning Star veggie chicken nuggets over a fire (and they were ah-mazing). 

A Saturday morning at Lake Tahoe. 

Brunch in Tahoe.

THE GREAT SALT FLATS. So straight, so flat.

We went to Uinta in Salt Lake Saturday night and bought a sample of every beer they brew.

Mmmm Sunday morning breakfast burrito. 

This is the drive through Wyoming.

Christine and Lindsay sent this pic of Ella settling into their car Sunday afternoon. 

WE'RE BACK IN DENVER! Let's crack a beer we bought at Ballast Point on our road trip.

We missed our Ella!! <3 <3


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