Monday, October 19, 2015

Driving Independence Pass and Hiking Maroon Bells

I posted over the weekend about Andy and my trip out to the mountains for my work. I basically just showed you all the beer we drank (I swear I worked all day everyday; I just didn't take many pictures), but we did enjoy the mountain views, too! We went out to Aspen on Sunday for a one day vacation before the work week, and took the scenic route through Independence Pass before it closes for the winter.

Our first stop once in Aspen was surprisingly not the brewery. We went to the Maroon Bells and drove through the gorgeous park, and went for a nice fall afternoon hike.

Some guy gave us his pass to the park saying "Hey - want to save $10?"

Our first view of the snow-dusted Bells.



We got pretty lost and the map was completely unhelpful.

Drinking Bells beer in the Maroon Bells - get it??



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