Sunday, July 24, 2016

Cali Roadtrip Reflection Pt 1: Zion and Joshua Tree

Today is the one year anniversary of the start of Andy and my two week vacation to California! We took off on 7/24/15 and disconnected from our Colorado life and enjoyed a long getaway full of brewery visits, biking, camping, sight-seeing, and enjoying a lot of together time in the car! Over the next two weeks I'll share photos of our trip that I haven't shared on here before for you to enjoy, and for me to remember some of the best two weeks I've had :)

To start, let's take a look at some pictures of our days from Friday 7/24/15 until the a.m. of Sunday 7/26/15 when we were in Zion National Park, and Yucca Valley and Joshua Tree.

We had just arrived at Zion, and I cracked a beer before we even unloaded our tent.

Our beautiful campground in Zion National Park!

After spending the morning in Zion, it was jarring to drive through Las Vegas!

The shop next to our airbnb rental in Yucca Valley.

Mexican restaurant just two blocks from our rental! It was soooo good.

A glimpse inside our rental.

Joshua Tree!


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