Thursday, July 21, 2016

Hikes, Beers, Music, Friends

I wrote in a previous post about how two of Andy and my most favorite shared interests are hiking and drinking beers, among others. And the top of the list of "among others" is our love for live music and spending time with friends. Not to top my previous post of one of our fav weekends, but we had a phenomenal weekend late June as we enjoyed hiking, drinking beers, hanging out with friends, and watching live music. ALL IN ONE DAY!

Andy and I got up early to head out for a Saturday morning hike at the Meyers Ranch Park in Conifer, CO. And by early, I mean we were some of the first to hit the trail head!

We made it home in time to relax before taking a cab to the other side of town for the Renegade Brewing anniversary party. The perks of going on an early morning hike is that you can still make it to the start of an afternoon party, even after seeing some beautiful views! We met our friends Heather, Noah, Meg, and Spencer at Renegade for delish beers, and beautiful music.

Holly Lovell is one of my favorites! And this kiddo agrees!

Me, Heather, Meg.


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