Saturday, June 20, 2015

Friday Photos [6.19.15]

Here are some photos from Andy & my week:

Andy enjoying his delicious ice cream cone at Jazz in the Park. No, seriously, he was enjoying it he's just an a-hole posing for pictures.

Saying goodbye to my sweet VW Passat! I traded it in Tuesday. We had a good seven year run together!

Gabe in town from Madison! Andy showed him a good Red Rocks tailgate.

Lauren and me ready for Belle & Sebastian and the Colorado Symphony at Red Rocks!

Andy and Wendy are ready, too!

Ladydates Lauren & Amy <3

Amazing show!! There were so many talented musicians on stage.

Ella found something delicious to roll in on Thursday in the backyard, so she got a shower HER FAVORITE.

Happy birthday, Kevin! Celebrating at Station 26 with beers and cupcakes, and yes that brown gift bag immediately fell into the candles.
My work closes at 1:00 on Friday afternoons, so I took advantage of the lovely afternoon to read a bit in the backyard.


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