Wednesday, June 24, 2015

NYC pt. 1

I went to New York!


My dear friend from college, Joe, got hitched in Brooklyn to his wonderful gal, Jessica, over Memorial Day weekend and I was fortunate enough to be invited and able to spend the extended weekend celebrating their marriage. Not that the weekend needed to get any better, but when I decided I was for sure going to NYC for the wedding weekend, I shot an urgent message to my best gal, Alli, who's been living in London for years and I hadn't seen in FOREVER to see if she'd meet me for a weekend get-away and she said HELL YES.

Our first picture together since she moved to London and I moved to Denver.

Brunch with Alli is the best.


So to make this EVEN BETTER, Alli and my amazingly fun friend Nina showed-up from Milwaukee for the weekend on a last minute bus ride!! Hooray!! The three of us had so much fun together in college and our friendship totally transcends college and we slipped right back in to our fun, giggling, gossiping ways.

Nina and Alli <3

Ok, ok, so two amazing friends wedding, hanging with Alli and Nina, vacationing in NYC, what more could a gal want? I don't mean to be greedy, but was so lucky to have ANOTHER fantastic dear friend, Erin one of my Madison best gals, living in New York! I spent some time crashing at her place, hanging in New York with her, and getting right back into our Erin-Bree ways.

Hanging with the Manhattan skyline.

Us gals spent the first couple days of the Memorial Day weekend seeing the city views, and enjoying the city bars. We packed a lot in to our days, with a lot of it being catching-up in person on each other's life stories since the last we'd been together. 

Fantastic mirror in the Cuban restaurant where we ate brunch.

Alli and I walked over the Brooklyn Bridge.

We randomly stumbled into this amazing beer bar (this is only half the taps).

Playing on Tinder turned out to be the best bar game.

Though, with all the beers, Alli woke up to some weird Tinder messages #notsorry

View of the Empire State building from Brooklyn.   

9/11 Memorial. 

MY LADIES! Erin, Alli, Nina.

We went to a free Jamie Lidell show at a park in Brooklyn with THIS VIEW <3

Yea, amazing, right? And this was only half the trip! I'll share more in part 2 soon :o)


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