Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Bree Squared in Denver

Two weekends ago my good friend and college roommate Bree visited Andy and me from Wisconsin! The three of us took advantage of the limited time she had out here and saw and did as much as we could: went to the mountains, visited breweries, went for a hike, watched a sunset, drank a lot of beers (duh), and stayed up way too late chatting (double duh).

The view in Breckenridge ALL day we were there! Bree doesn't believe there are mountains in Breck.

Andy brought Bree to New Belgium brewery on Friday while I was working. Weeeee!!

Late morning hike in Boulder.

Infinite Monkey Winery!

Stem Ciders!

Cheers from the Brees.

Beautiful sunset from Washington Park.

Brees and sunset.

Thanks for visiting us, Bree! And for the fun times - especially the Netflix and popcorn night!


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