Monday, November 30, 2015

Halloween in Black & White

Neither Andy nor I are very big on dressing up for Halloween. Or, more truthfully, both Andy and I let Halloween sneak up on us at the last minute and it's October 30th and we don't have a costume or even an idea of a costume so we just stay in and say we're not very big on dressing up for Halloween. But this year I came across this blog post in early October and both Andy and I knew we found a Halloween costume that we could pull off, and that we were both really excited about!

We had a lot of the black and white costume pieces already in our closets and just had to buy a few items and some makeup/hair dye to pull it together. Overall it was really pleasantly simple and cheap. And we had a lot of fun with it :o)

We didn't wine the costume contest at the Station 26 Halloween party. But the first place winner dressed as the "Mad Max" Fury Road Guitar Guy so basically we all knew we had lost as soon as he came in.

It was a blast for both of us to get dressed up and be excited to go out and show off our Halloween spirit. 

We drank the night away...kind of like dancing the night away, but better.


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