Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Cabin in the Mountains

My friends Joe and Jessica were visiting from Brooklyn Thanksgiving week. After spending most of the year looking at skyscrapers and cement, they look forward to their annual trip to Denver and especially a trip into the mountains of Vail. J&J were kind enough to invite me to join them for their 2.5 mile snowshoe to a cabin. And never once made me feel like their third wheel :o)

Assembling their new equipment.

Let's start this hike!!


We had the upper level of this stunning cabin.

We got to our cabin over an hour before check-time, but since we were 2.5 miles from the road it's not like we could go grab happy hour or something while we waited. So we went hiking to check out some more of the Rocky Mountain views. And luckily, we brought happy hour with us ;o)

Joe likes forging his own trail.


We spent the rest of the time hanging around the cabin. Catching-up among friends, playing cards, stoking the fire to heat our cabin, and drinking bourbon.

Sunset from our cabin.

The next morning we enjoyed a quiet morning around the cabin (with wine donated from the neighbors downstairs!) before strapping our snowshoes back on and hiking out.

Start of sunrise from our cabin.

Thanks for the great hike, cabin night, and company, J&J!


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