Monday, April 18, 2016

Mom, Dad, and Sis in Denver!

My mom, dad, and sister came out to Denver the other weekend. Here's some pictures of their visit:

But first, I had an in store tasting at the liquor store in our neighborhood.

The ladies taking a break from hiking in Boulder.

We went to Avery Brewing and did a self-guided tour.

Meg using her check-off list to keep us on track over the weekend.

Playing some pool at Lauren & Amy's.

Meg helped us cook all weekend! She's a total pro.

We went to the chocolate exhibit at Denver Museum of Nature of Science.

Meg and mom <3

The line for ice cream at Little Man was soooo long but soooo worth it.
Meg didn't like my labeling of the leftovers.

We were dog-sitting for Rhett and him and Meg became good buds.


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