Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Weekends in March

I posted my Friday photos from the last few weeks, but other than a Sunday picture or two, you missed out on all my weekend fun. Here's a round-up of some of Andy and my weekend activities.

The Funkwerks team was invited to New Image Brewing's (delicious and amazing!) soft opening before they opened to the public.

Basia Bulat has been one of Andy and my favorite musicians for years and Andy and I went with our friends Shelly, Kevin, Christine, and Lindsay to see her perform. She is so great on stage and we will go back to see her again and again and again every time she comes through.

Andy and I have a new obsession with the game Settlers of Catan (have you played before?). We had our friends Heather and Noah over for beers and a game of Settlers, and ended up playing three rounds (and drinking more than that many beers).

Denver has a St. Patrick's Day parade every year, and our friends Marc and Jen have a balcony that overlooks the parade route! We watched the parade, and drank delicious beers, many of which are Jen or Marc's homebrews!

I took this right before Skyping with my bro Ryan and sis-in-law Shanda. Super sober Skype date.

Every year there's a Collaboration Fest in Denver where breweries from across and beyond Colorado collaborate together (hence the name) to create a beer and pour it at the fest. Funkwerks collaborated with Wicked Weed brewing from NC and Fate from CO and I went to talk about our collabs...and drink some delicious beers!

It was held at Mile High, aka the Broncos stadium, and this was the view.

The fest coordinator giving a speech to all the brewers and reps.

My pal Katie used to be the fest coordinator! She recently moved to San Fran, but she flew back for the fest.

We went hiking outside Nederland, CO (about 20 miles northwest of Boulder).

Ella is over it.


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