Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Tuesday Day Trip to La Crosse

Remember back in August when Andy and I went to Wisconsin for a wedding and vacation? One of those days I took a day trip with my friend, Nina, from Sheboygan to La Crosse (by way of Milwaukee) to visit our college town.

Now, for those non-Wisco folks, that's over four hours. Each way. Now why would you dedicate eight hours in one day in a car? Jules.

Jules. That's why. My college gals and my favorite daytime hangout, Jules coffee shop, was closing at the end of August and we had to pay our respects. Now, us gals spend a lot of time and money at Jules in college. Like, a lot a lot. I'm talking coffee catch-up dates turning into a backgammon marathon. Or study sessions turning into gossip sessions. Lots of memories at Jules.


Thumbs up for Jules, thumbs down for closing. So many emotions.

Nina and I found it to be a great excuse to not only grab one last mocha and cookie, but to enjoy the city that made college so wonderful so both of us. We wandered the streets, grabbed some drinks at our #1 La Crosse hang-out (Jules was definitely #2 to the bar), and strolled through the memory-filled sidewalks of the UW-L campus.

They have the best beers at Bodega.

Nina and my friend, Steve, passed away in college unexpectedly. UW-L put in a swing in front of his residence hall.

Wentz! My home for two years! This building holds some fun and weird memories.

UW-L Student Association 2006-2007: Ryan VanLoo, President; Breanna Hanson, Vice President.
My old office and desk space :o)

The biggest reflection for Nina and me was how the city was mostly the same, yet everything was so different. We didn't know anyone at Bodega (though quickly befriended the bartenders as we watched the "Thong Song" on YouTube) and the campus is so totally foreign to us. But the thing about it is that we still loved the town and were flooded with loving feelings towards our college town. And, ya know what, if our bar ever tries to close like Jules is, we'd consider moving back to make a bit of an investment ;o)


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