Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Sunday in a Postcard: Rocky Mountain National Park

Remember earlier this month when Andy and I got up real early (ok, well, relatively early for a weekend) to go for a hike? And how much we loved it? Well, Sunday we decided to try it out again to see if it would still have it's luster. And, guess what? It did!

But first, we had to spend a little bit of money at Station 26 for a weekend happy hour :o)

Now, on to our postcard-worthy hike just a bit over an hour from our home.

Taken from the sunroof while we were in motion. Really, you can't take a bad photo here.

Not that I needed the weekend to get any better - I mean, Station 26 beers and Rocky Mountain National Park! - but it did with a Sunday evening concert in Denver. Indie artist and self-proclaimed sad song  writer, Noah Gundersen, put on a surprisingly energetic (see description as sad song writer) and beautiful show. 

Two of the band members are Noah's siblings.

This is what weekends are all about :o)


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