Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Chihuly, aka: One of the Coolest Things in Denver

The Denver Botanic Gardens is a pretty wonderful place. Twenty-four acres in the city of beautiful native and adoptive gardens winds throughout the space in a way that makes what you see beyond each turn a wonderful surprise.

Andy and I try to go once or twice a year to enjoy the vegetable gardens, Japanese gardens, bamboo tunnel, as well as special events such as music concerts, holiday lights, art exhibits. This weekend we biked to the gardens to take in the current art exhibit: Chihuly blown glass installation.

The pieces were dispersed throughout the gardens in a way so natural it seemed to not disrupt the natural order of the plants. But, I guess that's what well-done art does, right? We were treated to glass art that blended in so well to the landscape that it almost looked like the earth grew it here in Denver, as well as little surprises if you looked close enough.

Surprise teeny pumpkin :o)

My high school colors - crimson and gold.

Andy and I were memorized by the work, and wish we could see it at night when the sculptures light-up (all the night showing tickets are sold out!). But we're so grateful we were able to spend the afternoon seeing the exhibit by daylight before it leaves the Botanic Gardens November 30th.

Chihuly's work has, is, and will be displayed in locations around the world. Take a look at his website if you want to see some of his work up close and personal (it's worth it!).

And for fun, here's a picture of that bamboo tunnel I was talking about. There's no photo of Andy walking through it cuz he was a tad too tall!

I hope you had some nice fall weather wherever you were this weekend!


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