Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Ella Hates Halloween, and other weekend events

Halloween may be Ella's least favorite holiday. People coming up to the house (she hates it when anyone, including I, come near the house), costumes with hats (she hates it when anything is on her head), candy no one will share with her (she hates it when she's not eating)... It's no good for Ella and she just wishes we would forget about it one of these years. This Halloween we did not forget the holiday, but did keep it low-key. We had our friends Shelly and Kevin over for an Italian Dunkers dinner - a Hanson family tradition - and watched Beetlejuice - a Breanna and Andy family tradition.

Yum, yum! None for Ella :o( 

The rest of the weekend was a typical Denver fall weekend. I don't mean to rub it in to all of you that have been seeing snow and colder weather, but we've had some warm, sunny days over here. Andy and I went hiking with Shelly in Evergreen, CO (westish of Denver) to celebrate the lovely temps and sun.

Other things that happened this weekend:

Ella found a squirrel in the tree and barked at it for an extended amount of time, even after we all watched it physically leave the tree.

We had some friends over Saturday afternoon/evening for drinks and catching-up. Our friend Christine brought this lovely Colorado beer to share.

 Our neighbor's tree was looking super fierce, especially with the moon peaking through.

I hope you're having an excellent start to your week!


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