Monday, January 26, 2015

Dabbin' Fever

I went to a Bingo Hall Friday night. Like a real Bingo Hall, not a bar that has Bingo games a few nights a week. Like a folding chairs and tables, don't talk when the numbers are being called, $1,000 jackpot Bingo Hall. 

I went with my friends Heather & Noah. None of us had been to a legit Bingo Hall in over a decade, and back then we'd go with family members who were in charge of all the details. So we were a tad nervous since Bingo is serious business (for real, some of the players were yelling at the 17 year old caller cuz she wasn't going fast enough) and we didn't want to f this up and embarrass ourselves. We sat at a table with a super nice and friendly couple that we immediately could tell were regulars and helped us figure out lingo like "postage stamp" and "hard Bingo" and made sure we were playing with the correct rules each game!

Watching the TV for the next number to be displayed.

We didn't win the jackpot, or any of the cash prizes, but we did only have six Bingo cards each whereas everyone else had, like, 36. So odds weren't really in our favor. But we had such a fun time and feel like pros now. Perhaps I've found my new Friday night activity?? We might even go back this week since Andy was sick and couldn't make it for the first round.

My dauber is tired.

Saturday we had a Preview Day on campus for prospective students, so I was up bright and early to help out with the event. I stayed with the students interested in culinary much of the day, including some hands-on learning in the dining room.

Chef going over front of the house etiquette with some of the students.

We learned some new napkin folding techniques to impress diners. This is supposed to be a tuxedo and I did not win best napkin award.

Sunday was a lazy start to the day, which to Andy and me means an early yoga class (for me), and cooking breakfast and playing games (for us). We went out with friends in the afternoon, and in the evening I chatted with my folks, and Andy & I read outside in the sunny January weather we have here in Denver right now. Aka, Perfect Sunday :o)

Andy lost.

So, yea, a good weekend. Having a full Saturday workday kinda throws a wrench into the weekend since Sunday felt like Saturday all day, which means Monday now feels like Sunday and it's just a mean trick cuz it's not Sunday at all. But even with a weekend workday, I still feel like I packed a lot into the days which is important for me to feel refreshed and fulfilled.

I hope you had at least a few moments this weekend that left you refreshed, fulfilled, and using the word "perfect".


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