Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New Year's 2015!

Like last year, this New Year's Eve Andy and I hosted a few friends for an informal gathering at our place. And again, like last year, it was a mostly last minute, thrown together hodgepodge of our Denver friends who agree that NYE is best celebrated no fuss with good people and good beers.

"This beer is so overwhelmingly exciting!" - Shelly

Cheers, friends.
This guy <3

Andy & I arrived home from our Midwestern Christmas trip late Tuesday (12/30/14) and spent much of Wednesday getting ready for the party sleeping in. We're pretty fortunate to have wonderful neighbors/friends in Shelly & Kevin and they'd taken care of some of the celebration prep work like buying sparkling wine and pulling together some awesome appetizers to bring over. So we just had to tidy the place up a bit, set-up the guest rooms, and buy a bit more beer and food at the store.

Those desperate eyes! "Get this thing off me!"  

Poor Rhett wasn't safe from the tutu. His poor self-esteem is just plummeting here.

I was behind the camera much of the night so I asked Andy to get a candid photo of me. AND THIS IS WHAT I GOT. You had one job, Andy.

The mix of people was awesome with friends from different areas of our Denver life that all mesh together so well, and play Cards against Humanity like pros.

Sometimes the Cards against Humanity round is just too much to handle.  

A very happy 2015 to you from us in Colorado!


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