Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Art, and Beers, and Falcons! (Wait, Falcons?!)

Really, what more could you want out of a weekend?

The first Fridays of each summer month in Denver is the cleverly named First Friday event in most of the art districts in town. Andy and I went with our friends Heather and Noah to Santa Fe the, arguably, most popular art district to enjoy the doors open galleries, pay-what-you can/want wines and beers, and good company of friends and strangers. Neither Andy nor I were totally interested in the art, to be rudely honest, and yielded to our artistic friends to choose the galleries. We stopped at four or five before heading to a brewery. So cultured, I know.

An artist creating a beautiful piece of work at one of the galleries during First Friday.

See, this is what happens all the time when we hang out with Heather and Noah. We all take photos of our beers to post on Untappd.

Saturday. Well, Saturday was a session drinking kind of day. Like, for real. Andy went downtown to brew beers with a buddy, and I met my friend Ashley at a beer festival called Sesh Fest (literally for "Session Fest" which means drink a ton of low alcohol beers in a park). It was held at what is, apparently, called Sculpture Park downtown Denver in front of the performing arts center. Now, I saw a total of one sculpture in the park, so I don't know how on earth it received it's name. But I'm choosing to pick my battles. Ash and I used to work together at Regis, and I hadn't seen her since...spring?! Winter?! So, a long time overdue to say the least. Since last seeing her she had cut off her hair, become an auntie to a cute-a-roo little baby gal, and agreed to go on a century ride (riding your bicycle for 100 consecutive miles); and I had brokenish my hand, traveled to the midwest, southwest, and east coast, and gotten a smartphone (seriously, my new phone has been a big deal to my friends!). Beers, friends, and summer sun. It doesn't get much better than this, folks.

The one sculpture. We renamed the park "Low-Five Park" for the day. 

An overview of the festival. A perfect day, dare I say?

Ashley and me!

Wait! Our beers weren't in the last picture!

Following the fest I met up with Andy downtown to cab it to a local music venue where he had bought me tickets to see one of my favorite musicians - KACEY MUSGRAVES! Do you guys know her stuff? Regardless, check out this one, this one, and definitely this one. If you're heading to one of her concerts, I don't mean to be a spoiler, but she covers a few Dolly Parton tunes, AND a TLC one (it's "No Scrubs")! Awesome, right? Well, now try drinking beer all day and then seeing that happen. Yea, I know.

Alright, so what about the falcons, Breanna? Sunday. Andy was having back and neck problems (hi Michelle!) so I was on my own for the day. One of the breweries downtown was having a fund raiser for Wild Wings which is a non-profit that takes raptors (raptors!) that can't care for themselves in the wild anymore due to injury or just plain laziness and uses them for educational purposes. The organization's more traditional settings are usually schools or libraries for these events, but I was clearly thrilled they were at a brewery. There were two falcons, and two owls. I talked with the volunteers for quite a while and am now a bit of an amateur expert, if such a thing exists, on a limited number of raptors.

This is Cliff. He's a peregrine falcon. And his volunteer loved that he was placed right in front of this mountain photo at the brewery!

I couldn't understand this guy's name, or what type of falcon he is. So, I guess I'm not quite an expert. But isn't he pretty?

This is Sophie. She's a great horned owl. And her volunteer is laughing because, as you can see, Sophie is making a ridiculous motion with her mouth and which is how she cools herself down.

Seriously, Sophie looks a bit crazed, but was such a good gal.

Sunday was the last day of the summer Jazz in the Park series in Denver. I couldn't believe it was the last one, and that I hadn't been to one yet this year! I met my friends Christine and Lindsay there and we spread out a blanket and enjoyed a picnic of cheese, crackers, and wine while listening to some super energetic jazz music.

I know, I know. I still need to post photos from my fun weekend with my mom in Boston, and from the Underground Music Showcase Andy and I went to two weekends ago. Man, I've been packing a lot in this summer, haven't I? I suppose that would explain the allergies-turned-cold I'm experiencing from behind my mountain of Kleenexes this morning. My body seems to be telling me to slow the eff down. Though, I've never been good at listening...

And with that, just one more of Cliff for the road ;o)


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