Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday Photos [8.1.14]

Here are some photos from Andy & my week:

Enjoying a rooftop brunch Sunday while looking over the festival main stage.
The weed whacker took a slice from Andy's shin, but luckily I was there with bandaids. 

Thanks for the glass of wine, Andy! Who says wine needs to breathe? ;o)

Enjoying some art at the Museum of Contemporary Art Wednesday night. Do you see my new "dog"?

Enjoying a cherry and rye drink at the museum. This was Andy's favorite part.

It may have been pouring out, but we still found a bit of shelter to enjoy drinks on the rooftop at the museum.

And hello to you, museum entrance.

Ella's worst nightmare: Her injured foot soaking in salt water, and getting her teeth brushed. Mean humans.

Now that I'm done painting the bedroom, how about we move on to my office?

Another good idea: Let's paint my fingernails the day before I start painting my office.

Of course we have a full weekend ahead of us (woo-hoo!). I hope you have an exciting weekend ahead of you, too, whatever that may mean to you :o)


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