Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday Photos [8.15.14]

Here are some photos from Andy & my week:

I found some water! In Wisconsin, of course, not Colorado ;o)

I drank a lot (like, a lot a lot) of this over the past week. 

We took a mid-week trip to the Caribbean. J/K. This is Lake Michigan. 

My favorite coffee shop from my college town La Crosse, Jules, is closing!

So my friend Nina and I decided to road trip there Tuesday.

And give Jules just a little bit more of our money :o)

We of course had to take a stroll through campus.

Plaque with my and some of my college buddies' names on it! Right outside Student Government office.

Andy brought some Staghorn beer from New Glarus back to enjoy in his Staghorn mug.

Jenny Lewis! We caught her show Thursday night. So awesome. 

We flew back into Denver Wednesday night, had a concert tickets Thursday night (yippee!), and now I'm out the door to a weekend long folks festival about an hour drive from Denver in Lyons, CO. Pack it in at the end of summer, right?? Have a wonderful weekend!



Becky said...

UWL is so different already isn't it!!! I went last summer bc Rachel lives there now and could hardly recognize it!

Breanna Hanson said...

SO different! New buildings, AND they tore down the house I lived in across from campus and made a parking lot :o( "They paved paradise and put up a parking lot..."