Monday, September 22, 2014

Ella's Worst Weekend: Puppy-Sitting Weekend

After a week on the road, it was so nice to have a slow weekend at home. Andy and I were dog-sitting for our friend's 12 month of Great Pyrenees puppy, Opal. Now, when Niki asked us to take in her pup for the weekend, I was expecting a little roly poly puppy. But no. Great Pyrenees dogs are big dogs. I mean, we're talking 150+ pounds. So when a 12 month old puppy is 65 pounds!


Not quite what I was expecting, but Opal was such a sweet, sweet dog. She's had a tough little life already. Niki is actually fostering Opal right now; Opal was rescued from Missouri after she was abandoned a couple months ago. She's staying with Niki until she gets adopted. Since Opal's had a lot of inconsistency in her life, especially recently, Andy and I decided to stay at home and lay low much of the weekend. 

I think she loved it with us.

We did have a bit of excitement throughout the weekend. My friend Shelly and I took Opal for a hike in the mountains Saturday afternoon, which Opal just loved and tuckered her out for the rest of the evening.


While we were hiking, Andy and Shelly's husband Kevin were taking down a dead tree in our backyard. The yard looks so much nicer now without a big, dead tree in it!

We'll be having a few bonfires this fall!

And we sure did get some good use out of the backyard with Shelly and Kevin (and Ella and Opal!) enjoying the grill and patio set.

Hey! You wanna share your pizza with me, right?!

Ella did not love having another dog in her home.

All in all, a good weekend. Well, except for our jealous little Ella! Check out this picture where Ella looks like she'd like to jump through the door and give Opal a piece of her mind! Jealous much, Ella?!


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