Thursday, September 4, 2014

Hey Mom, Wanna Go To Boston? (Part 2)

Last week I shared the first half of my ma and my extended weekend trip to Boston. We packed SO much into the weekend that I just couldn't fit it into one post.

Alright, so after our sail boat tour of the harbor, we went to the famous Union Oyster House, the oldest restaurant in the country, at many recommendations. It's considered a really touristy place in town, but the food and atmosphere were both so fantastic that we made two trips to the place during our trip. We walked around downtown Boston for a bit taking in the are, including a breathtakingly moving Holocaust memorial and a Saturday afternoon arts market. I love stumbling across areas I'd never have known about unless I was going on foot, and find that my mom and I discover these sorts of neat things together when traveling! 

The Holocaust memorial. These glass structures were meant to represent gas chambers and had quotes etched on the glass inside.

We made our way across town to a cocktail bar that came highly recommended, and were met with a long line to get in. I guess the secret was out! The other patrons assured us it was worth the wait to enjoy some from scratch cocktails at the speakeasy (yea, it was a speakeasy!). And they were right! The drinks, conversations at the bar, and energetic/hilarious bartenders made it a really fun experience.

On Sunday morning we headed to Lucky's Lounge in South Boston for some brunch. This place is a 50's throwback and has Sinatra brunches on Sunday. What's a Sinatra brunch, you ask? Well, they have a Frank Sinatra impersonator performing during brunch! Super fun, right? Mom and I wasted no time getting a front row seat, and a bottle of champagne to enjoy with breakfast. And wow were those guys entertaining! 

Really, it was the most economical choice.

Following brunch we headed out on the Freedom Trail which is a walking tour of Boston's historical sites. Now, if you recall, we had a bottle of champagne at brunch so you shouldn't be surprised to find that we immediately veered off the Freedom Trail and right to Cheers! The bar itself is actually three bars, and, naturally, we felt it only appropriate given both our loves for the show that we enjoy a drink at every bar. 

So then we were back to the Freedom Trail! We had another dinner at the historic Union Oyster House (so good!) and then hopped the subway past our stop to another speakeasy that was certainly not as delicious or as fun as the one the night before, but had the most beautiful architecture inside. Though it was too dark to really show up in pictures. 


Monday, sad Monday. Monday was our last day/travel day home. We both had early evening flights, so we were able to take in the day a bit. We had breakfast at The Paramount, a delicious deli-style place that I swear was the busiest restaurant in town! I was a bit cranky about the line to order (see below) but totally satisfied with my meal. We wandered the side streets for a bit checking out the shops in the Beacon Hill neighborhood, thinking distantly about getting cracking on Christmas shopping. We didn't get all the way through the Freedom Trail on Sunday, so we picked up basically where we left off and kept on seeing seeing the historical sites. Which may have included a stop at Green Dragon Tavern, the country's oldest bar (hey, it's history, people). And by that point, it was time to start making our way to the airport!

Outside the oldest bar in the country.

I sure was sad to leave Boston, but my monster was happy to see me in Denver.

Thanks for the fun, wonderful weekend getaway, Mom!


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