Monday, September 15, 2014

I'm embarassed to tell you what I did this weekend...

Andy was back in Wisconsin this weekend which meant I had the house to myself allllll weekend. A nice treat for me since Andy and I live together, and both have home offices for work (so much togetherness). Now, don't get me wrong, both Andy and I feel fortunate to have all that time to spend together. But let's be honest here, some days it can be too much, and having a little bit of time to just hang by yourself ain't too bad.

But, living with someone else can help keep some of your, er, less attractive habits at bay. Like, being a complete and total waste who literaly stocks up on bottles of wine so to not have to leave the house most of the weekend. (Amen for a dog that demands walks. Outside.) 

Seriously, the other one walks me way more than this.

Alright so not too embarassing, right? I mean, sometimes you just want a weekend to yourself where you don't see anyone.

It gets worse.

Cuz when you're sticking inside all day, you gotta do something to entertain yourself, right? And after some wine, you come up with some great ideas, right? Like...maybe watching the entire first season, and then some, of Dawson's Creek re-runs, right? RIGHT?

Yup. Like that Dawson's Creek. And I gotta say, I'm kinda hooked again. Yea, I said it. Maybe it's just that I remember the show from watching it back in junior high and high school. Ya know, kinda like the movie Labyrinth where it's super weird watching it as an adult but you loved it as a kid, so you still love it as an adult. Well regardless, I gotta get through all those six seasons ASAP, so thank goodness it's on Netflix. 

So I wasn't a total lump cuz as I was catching up on Joey, Dawson, Pacey, and Jen's 15 year old lives, I was also getting ready for my work trip to the mountains. I'm currently in Grand Junction, CO (about 250 miles west of Denver) and am spending the week traveling to college fairs throughout the western slope of Colorado.

Gotta pack this office up and bring it to the mountains.

Totally over it.

Scenery in Grand Junction is quite pretty.

So Andy has the place to himself this upcoming week. I hope he makes better decisions with his time than I did, but am clearly in no position to judge ;o)


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Becky said...

Now you made me want to watch it! Social media is my downfall. I'll add Dawkins creek to the list with ferngully and Gilmore girls......