Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas Joy in Denver

December always has been special for the Hanson family. I have fond Christmas memories with traditions lasting since I was a baby. While Andy and I have gone back to the Midwest for the actual Christmas holiday each year, we've enjoyed the Denver season by taking in what our city has to offer during the season. Each year since moving in 2011 we've explored new events and built our Hanson-Pekoll holiday traditions. This year we did a few favorites and explored new ones.

Parade of Lights

Denver holds the Parade of Lights downtown Denver for two days only each year. This year we attended for the first time ever (we've just plain forgotten every other year). We met our friends Heather and Noah there a half an hour before it started, and even so, barely had spots to see the parade with all the spectators! I love the festivities of a holiday parade and the lights, and the unique to Denver floats. And there were some unique ones!

Here we have one of the floats from the Denver LOWRIDER Alliance!


And, of course, we grabbed beers before, at the Denver Christkindl Market with one another, and downtown after with friends.

Noah, Heather, Andy, me, Shelly, Kevin. Drinking some Pliney.

Denver Festivus Beer Festival

I wrote about Festivus a couple weeks ago, but can't leave one of our favorite Christmas events off the list!

Read more about Festivus here.

Zoo Lights

The Denver Zoo outdoes itself each year with it's holiday lights. They have most trees and bushes covered with string lights plus have lights of popular zoo animals. Andy and I fill up our Thermoses with some boozy hot chocolate and wander each year. Sometimes, some of the animals are out which is a bonus!

SO many penguins were out. (This pic is for you, Bree B.!)

Sculptor creating an ice art piece.
A beautiful final product.


Tuba Christmas

I wrote about Tuba Christmas this week, and I hope to attend again next year!

Read more about Tuba Christmas here.

Andy and I put up a Christmas tree in our bay window each year full of purple and white lights that lights up our dining room, and shines out to our front yard. And we do a special Christmas celebration the two of us with a special bomber of beer, nice home-cooked meal, and presents a few days before heading home. Both events I failed to photograph this year but are annual traditions.

And now, as a New Years Eve bonus, here's a video of the Denver Lowrider Alliance in the Parade of Lights:

I hope your winter holiday is transitioning to New Years and the excitement of what's to come in 2015!



Anonymous said...

Lovely shots, such a beautiful time of year- I miss the Christmas season already! :)

Breanna Hanson said...

Thanks - Denver was rather photogenic in December!