Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A Night in the Woods

Andy and I went camping over the weekend with our friends Christine, Lindsay, Shelly, and Kevin. Oh, and the dogs Ella and Rhett. We caravanned out of Denver early Saturday afternoon and drove the 1.5 hours southwest to Kenosha Pass. There's space in the woods out there to set-up camp for free, and we were fortunate enough to snag a giant and semi-private spot for all of us.

This is Rhett in front of Andy, Ella, and my tent. Rhett's fav place in the world is typically on something that belongs to Ella.

Andy bought this awesome bluetooth speaker to play music from at our site! 

This captures the moment where I gave up trying to get him to pose for a nice photo with me. 

We had a colorful gay love flag flying in pride for the SCOTUS decision from this week <3

Turns out Ella hates camping.

But Lindsay and Christine love it!

We celebrated Lindsay's birthday :o) 

Overall it was a wonderful relaxing time out in the woods. Except for the one time when BOTH THE DOGS RAN AWAY. I mean just took the f-off sprinting at full speed. Naughty doggies! It took us about 30 minutes to find Ella, Rhett was a little easier, and luckily a fellow camper snagged her when she went bolting past his site. But, oh man, that sucked and she got in big trouble and was obviously not allowed off leash again.

Ella is wearing a Thunder Shirt which is supposed to help dogs with anxiety. And apparently also gives them the confidence to run away.

Shelly comforting Ella after Ella was on a doggie time-out.



A few of us climbed some rocks near our site to enjoy a beautiful view from above in the early evening. What a little gem of a campsite!

We enjoyed the evening around the campfire with casual conversation among friends, beers, whiskey, and cigars. And that is exactly what I want from a camping trip.

The night was such a perfect get-away from our usual city life. We're already planning our next trip away to the woods.


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