Monday, July 27, 2015

We're on Vacation! Pt. 1: Zion, Joshua Tree, and rollin into San Diego

Andy and I are on vacation! Officially on a 17 day vacation out west to California that started on Friday! And we are SO excited! And have been having SO much fun! And I've taken SO many pictures! I'll share a few on here right now, and hope to provide a more in depth view on some of our days on vacation at a later date. But for now, enjoy :o)

Day 1: Zion National Park! We arrived less than an hour before dusk, which left time to set-up camp and play some games. Oh, and crack some beers (duh).


Literally taken at our campsite OMG these views!

Day 2: We explored Zion National Park! Then headed over to Joshua Tree to settle in to our vacation rental where we pretended like we were going to visit the park and star gaze, but actually ate way too much Mexican food, played games, and fell asleep watching "Hot Tub Time Machine".

Morning yoga <3

Omnomnom on the side of the road.

Omnomnom at the Mexican place a block from our rental.

In our rental! I'll share more pictures later but this place was so colorful and cozy. I love it.

Day 3: We actually went to Joshua Tree! Drove to Escondido to drink a bunch of beer at Stone and Lost Abbey and then collapsed into our San Diego vacation rental.

"Ok, so WTF you're not just a little palm tree? Ouch that's sharp!" is exactly what was happening right here.

Stone Brewing!

Stone in Escondido has the best outdoor space and I loved this waterfall.

Lost Abbey! We ordered...a few ;o)

Creeper at the vacation rental in San Diego.

Oh man, it was so hard to pick just a handful of photos to share! Really, we have had such a blast and Andy and I alternate telling one another "It actually feels like vacation!" and "I can't believe we're on vacation!" So, yea, we are just super happy right now! And I pretty much feel like this:



Kara Souther said...

Man, you two are cute. Why didn't you invite the southers, I heard that travelling with a baby is awesome.

Breanna Hanson said...

The Southers can totally come! Adelaide is a treat but I'll definitely be handing her back to mom and dad during her infamous road trip blow-outs, I've heard she loves doing that ;o)