Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday Photos [7.25.14]

Here are some photos from Andy & my week:

Mom and me in Boston Sunday! Just hangin with Norm.

Mom even got to sit in his spot at the mock set bar!

The receptionist's dog at my salon doesn't like sharing the couch as he surveys his kingdom. 

Ella is a monster in public, so she has to be carried at PetSmart. You can see the craze in her eyes.

Ella hurt her paw and had to get a cone this week. Which has provided constant entertainment for Andy and me as she relearns to navigate space! Like when she got her cone stuck on the bike gears...

...and then stuck on the bike tire after her escape from the gears. Ella fails to see the humor.

I decided to paint our bedroom this week. Tape, tape, and more tape to start the project!

And then paint, paint, and more paint! Andy and I are looking at ideas for wall hangings, and once we have the room all pulled together I'll post some photos.

This weekend is the Underground Music Showcase in Denver. It kicked off Thursday night and Andy and I were there right away for the first set! 

And one more of our sad little dog. I hope your week was better than Ella's.

You can see from my Cheers photos that I took a weekend trip to Boston with my mom last weekend! We had such a blast on our vacation and I'm looking forward to sharing stories and photos from the trip soon!

Andy and I are filling our weekend up with more shows at the Underground Music Showcase (UMS). With hundreds of bands playing almost two dozen venues at UMS, we will keep busy and happy enjoying tunes. Have a great weekend!


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