Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Let’s Drink Beers and See Music in Duluth!

Following my week in Minneapolis, Andy and I hit the road and headed north to Duluth to spend a couple days with Ryan and Shanda, my brother and sister-in-law.  We haven’t been to visit them together in their home since before we left Madison, so we were so excited when we realized this trip would work out!

Andy and I started our trip to Maple Grove to Duluth the same way that Ryan and Shanda start their trip: Stopping by the bar, Doc’s, just 45 minutes outside of town for lunch and some beverages. We arrived in Duluth just after lunchtime on Friday and took a tour of the Duluth Pack factory where my brother works. The four of us spent the rest of the evening having a lovely time seeing some of Ryan and Shanda’s favorite places while eating, drinking, and catching-up, though not necessarily in that order ;o)

Lots & lots of booze! 

Duluth Pack factory. Where all the magic happens. Though it's not actually magic, just really hard work.

We played this bowling game for a really long time.

Creepy statue at the bar!

Yea, we all wanted our picture with him/Breanna forced everyone to take their picture with him.

Saturday was the main event. Well, the main event was seeing family, so the secondary event was the Bayfront Festival. The Festival featured some extremely talented Minneapolis musicians, and some of all of our favorites! Right down by the lake on a beautiful stage we enjoyed the tunes of Haley Bonar, Low, Doomtree, and Trampled by Turtles. The music was, as we had predicted, wonderful. All groups sounded fantastic and the scene and company were unparalleled. Well, that’s until it started raining, nay!, pouring. Doomtree was able to finish their set despite some technical glitches when the rain attacked the DJ’s equipment, but they hardly missed a beat. Unfortunately, lightening trumped the Trampled show, and they had to stop only four songs in. A bummer, but safety first they told the disappointed crowd.


Do you think you could maybe put the wristband on my left wrist? No? Uhm, ok... 

Guys, this festival is so fun.

And Sunday Funday was the perfect day of grabbing some mid-afternoon beverages and chatting at the bar with each other or whoever else was willing to carry on a conversation. We all had high hopes of doing something active, but the weather was continuing to be as unpredictable as the previous day, so those plans were quickly abandoned. Also, “high hopes” is probably a generous description of all our feelings of hiking following a boozy brunch. Regardless, Andy and I were both happy to have a go-with-the-flow day, and willing companions to see where the day brought us. Which, as it happened, was to the bar.
So what does Sunday Funday look like, you ask? Let us show you...

Yea, we went back to visit our buddy.

Andy and I headed out following the weekend and again spent a night with Laura and her husband, Michael, in Lincoln. Now, I gotta tell you, Lincoln’s a pretty happenin’ city, and our friends are right in the heart of it all. So it makes a great mid-road trip break for so many reasons.


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