Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Pictures of Snow and Mountains

I posted in my Friday Photos that I was in the mountains most of last week for work. These trips are work-focused without much free time with driving to schools, visiting with students and educators, and follow-up in my office (hotel room). But, the views as I'm driving to, in, and through the mountains a lot of times feels like I'm stealing a little bit of free time while I'm working - we'll call it multitasking, yea?

Pretty lovely, right? Even overcast.

And from the Target parking lot.

When I was out last week I had a few hours free Wednesday morning in Glenwood Springs, CO that I was able to budget for a quick snowshoe trip at one of the ski resorts. I love having a few unscheduled moments to find something local where I'm traveling to enjoy and recharge.




I've been doing this job for almost a year and a half now, and have traveled multiple times out to the mountains. But these views, they never get old, and I bet they never will.


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