Thursday, March 19, 2015

Dabbin' & Drinkin'

Heather, Noah, and I had dabbin' fever again last week. And this time we brought Andy and Shelly with us Friday night! We had the same overall outcome: Lots of fun, and zero $1,000 jackpots hit in our group.

Some Bingo players have their own personalized bags to carry their Bingo items.

Most people have a lot of Bingo cards, like the guy across the table from me. Now compare that with my one. But, even still, neither of us won.

Two peas in a pod.

Sometimes the Bingo caller takes too long to call numbers, and I paint myself with our daubers to entertain myself. 

Saturday I worked on campus all morning and a bit into the afternoon, and then immediately threw on a green dress and hopped the bus downtown to meet Andy who was at our friends Jen & Mark's place watching the St. Patrick's Day parade. I got downtown right as the parade ended (phooey!) but was able to enjoy the great company and beers at J&M's place, plus a couple of stylish Irish hats.

Sunday was our final Skee Ball game, which we lost SO HARD I am not sure we even tried? We drowned our sorrows at a few breweries nearby with some teammates and some friends who weren't going to say no to a sunny Sunday Funday on brewery patios!

Andy's, Christine's, and Nathan's beers looking colorful at Great Divide.

Lindsay's daughter was striking a pose for me at Vine Street!

Madison <3 Orange Crayon

Work and play will be spending a lot of time together over the weekends this spring. I'm figuring out my balance of being fulfilled throughout the week and weekend, and not getting too dragged down by the social gatherings I'm missing over the weekend days I do have work requirements. It's a work in progress.


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