Thursday, March 5, 2015

TBT: April 2014 in the Mountains

This is a Throwback Thursday (TBT) post. Well, actually it's a post I mostly finished 10 months ago and just totally forgot until I recently rediscovered it, unpublished. I wrote this following Andy and my trip out western Colorado (aka the mountains) in April 2014.

My new, well fairly new, job has brought a lot of Colorado travel this year. Sure, Andy and I have spent time traveling Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins since we moved here almost three years ago. But we had shyed away from mountain travel since it's always seemed to be just far enough and just enough of a hassle to not make the effort. 

We left bright & early Thursday morning to drive all the way through and then past the mountains for the first my first appointments. The nice thing about my travel is all the new towns I get to see and, when I have time, enjoy what they have to offer. On the way to our final destination Thursday night - Grand Junction - Andy and I stopped in Palisade, aka wine county Colorado. I suppose you can guess where we went in the Palisades. (Wineries.)

We had beautiful, blue skies for driving Thursday. The best weather for mountain trips!

Sometimes when visit schools in my territory, I'm driving down roads like this one. "Go straight on Unnamed road" and I hope there's a school somewhere soon.


Tasting meade at the Meadery of the Rockies. We tasted almost all of them, and bought a good amount of the ones we did try.

Downtown Grand Junction is full of beautiful sculptures like Andy and my new friends, the dragon and gorilla.

I had a few Friday appointments in Grand Junction before we headed east back to Glenwood Springs. Andy and I had spent time in GJ the following evening walking around after dinner as well during the day Friday between appointments. And really, we were looking forward to relaxing in the beautiful vacation rental cabin we'd rented near downtown Glenwood. When I travel I like renting a condo or apartment when I can; I love the additional privacy and freedom, and especially having a kitchen to cook a few meals. The vacation rental in Glenwood was quaint, well-decorated, and completely decked out to make travelers feel at home including a fire pit in the private yard! 

Cribbage lunch in GJ.

Our living room at the rental in Glenwood. Nice little place, huh?

The fireplace had these little glass marbles the gas flame would come through. So neat!

Enjoying the fire. With some beers.

Despite all our beers at the fire Friday night, we were both still up and moving by 7:00am. What the heck?! We were able to pack a lot into the day, what with the extra hours in the morning: cook breakfast, play some games, hike Hanging Lake (more to come on this in a future post), spend some time downtown Glenwood Springs, and cook dinner. 

I got to enjoy my coffee, catching-up on emails, while Andy cooked me breakfast :o)

Hanging Lake hike.

Vail Sunday. I was assisting with the Colorado Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) state conference and competition in Vail starting Sunday. 

Drinkies in the hotel lobby. We met some new friends this way.

The FBLA Awards Ceremony. The students get dressed-up in formal attire and look so amazing and fancy.

We had beautiful weather and smooth driving all the way, so it was such a great ride. And a really fun working trip together.


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