Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Getting my Groove Back (Not Quite in the Stella Kinda Way)

This was another really good weekend. I'm starting to get my groove back in Denver after so many overnight trips this spring. I spent the last few months essentially getting back from one trip just to start packing for another. And while that is nice at times, I was able to see some beautiful areas like Boise and Vail and meet some phenomenal students, it's also nice to get back into a regular routine. It's about balance, and I feel like I'm getting my balance back: Going to yoga, seeing my friends, getting into the mountains, cooking!

Friday was the Breckenridge release of their beer brewed for ComicCon, this year called Hulk's Mash. We went down to the 1-UP Colfax (video arcade bar) with some friends. I'm not a comic fan for the most part, and the beer wasn't my fav, but the energy and excitement around the event was really fun.

You know it's spring in Denver when the thunder rolls in, and Ella hides somewhere weird.

Friday naps are the best.

Hulk's Mash!!

Since moving to Denver in August 2011, Andy and I have tried to get out a few times a month as weather permits to go for a hike. I really can't remember the last time the two of us went hiking, so we remedied that on Saturday and drove the short 40 minute drive to our favorite trail in Boulder with our buddy Nate. It was Nate's first Colorado hike since moving here in February, and it was awesome to see and hear his excitement at all the amazing views just under an hour from his new home!

There were deer! This close!

Seriously! No zoom!


There is literally no better way to end a hike than with beers. And tacos (not pictured).

Apparently Saturday was Derby Day which Andy, Shelly, Kevin, and I chose to celebrate with mint juleps and not watching the Derby.


Our friend Chris threw a fundraiser for MS on Sunday called MS is BS and did a stellar job making it really special and successful: A beer pong tournament, silent auction, three kegs of delicious Great Divide beer, and a really fun and supportive group of people. We were honored to be a part of his fundraising efforts. He sent us home with some growlers of GD that Andy and I quickly enjoyed in our backyard.

Wallner unveiling the prizes to the finalists in the tournament. All beer-related and amazing.

Oh hello, Little Monster. Do you want something?

Ya know what? I've never actually seen the movie "How Stella Got Her Groove Back". So I actually can't weigh-in on if I'm getting my groove back post-super-crazy-busy work season in the same way Stella did. I mean, I assume not. Andy and I are going to have to watch that movie ASAP.


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